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It was written in praise of Liana Alexandra that she "has shown that her belief in keeping with which women can only assert themselves in miniature, lyrical, undramatic musical works, is obsolete. She masters her profession perfectly and achieves what professor George Calinescu used to call 'numeric beauty.' She has achieved an original blend of the new means of expression that occurred after World War II and the features of the Romanian folklore".

"Artistic personality endowed with a keen sense of form based on contrastive elements, well-defined in statement and especially in orchestration"
(Revista Muzica, Bucharest)

"Liana Alexandra has proved for many years, that her composition technique is already well set. Helped by musicality and imagination this technique allows the omposer to get the best results with any kind of musical groups"
(Contemporanul, Bucharest)

"Every new musical piece sets Liana Alexandra at the head of her generation of Romanian composers, the international prizes proving the ascending artistic evolution of this hard . working composer"
(Flacara, Bucharest)

"Liana Alexandra is regarded as the leading Romanian composer of her generation. Her compositional vocabulary is wide, ranging from cluster and aleatoric technique to broad lyric melody based on folk elements from her native culture."
(Grey Youtz . The Michigan University, U.S.A.)

"Liana Alexandra's music is full of warmth and original melody elements, side by side with a broad wonderful dramatic spirit. Her ineffable and imaginative orchestration has been amazing."(Arbetarbladet, Gevle, Sweden)

"Liana Alexandra surpasses all her colleague and annihilates the still alive prejudice of sexes& Her work is a subtle and peculiar processing of Romanian folklore, that brigs the reciprocal production of "vanguard" and "tradition"; there are surprising links appearing between a Romanian "hora" in a fast tempo and the bunch of melodies of Legeti type, between a sad "doina" and an entertainment Expressivo "
(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany)

"Liana Alexandra has been excellent at "Gaudeamus"& This week "Gaudeamus" that joins a lot of composers, the utmost has been reached indeed by the Romanian Liana Alexandra & Enormously rich fancy, terrible piquant, a huge existence."
(N.R.C. Handelsblad . Amsterdam, Holland).

"Western musicians often carelessly lump all of Eastern Europe together as some sort of ingrown musical monolith, far behind the times and sealed off from the rest of the musical world by political and cultural barriers. Then you meet a composer like Romania's Liana Alexandra, and you have to re-examine all those cherished prejudices. Alexandra resists describing herself flatly as either a traditional or an avant-garde composer."
(Robert Finn, the Plain Dealer, Cleveland U.S.A.)

"A short consideration on a remarkable piece & It refers to the composition by the Romanian Liana Alexandra, a transfiguration of Romanian folklore, remarkable by its firm mastery, fascinating in statement. Worth mentioning: instrumental virtuosity serving the music".
(Musica-West Germany).

 Liana Alexandra Liana Alexandra
May 17, 1947 - January 10, 2011

"I chose the profession of composer because I like that and probably was the vocation of my life. Sure, that becomes a job, but becomes a job after that stage overcome by passion and creative,a desire, the need to create."- LIANA ALEXANDRA, December 2010

Liana Alexandra was born in Bucharest, Romania in May 27, 1947.

From 1965 to 1971, she studied at the University of Music Ciprian Porumbescu, Bucharest. She received the "George Enescu" scholarship and took composition courses in 1974, 1978, 1980 and 1984 in Darmstadt, West Germany. In 1983 she received a USIA stipend to study in the USA and received a Ph.D. in Musicology.

In 1978 Liana Alexandra married the Romanian musician and composer Serban Nichifor.

She has received the Prize of the Romanian Composers and Musicologists Union on five occasions in 1975, 1979, 1981, 1982, and 1984. In 1979, she received the first prize in Dresden at the "Carl Maria von Weber Competition." She won the "Gaudeamus" Foundation prize in 1979 and 1980, and in 1980, she also won the prize of the Romanian Academy.

Alexandra took a position as professor at the National University of Music of Bucharest, teaching composition, orchestration and musical analysis. She performed as a member of Duo Intermedia and was co-director of the Nuova Musica Consonante-Living Music Foundation Festival with Serban Nichifor.

Liana Alexana died in her sleep on January 10th, 2011 With my very dear wife LIANA ALEXANDRA, Brilliant Composer !!! - death on January 9, 2011 (an unexpected nocturnal cerebral hemorrhage) Some sites of LIANA ALEXANDRA:

Alexandra's compositions have been recorded and issued on CD, including: Contemporary Music IV - Audio CD (Feb. 22, 2005) by Paul Constantinescu, 60x60 (2006-2007) by Vox Novus, and 60x60 (2004-2005), an album nominated for Just Plain Folks Award in 2009.

Selected Works

  • Symphonic, vocal-symphonic and concert music, music for opera
  • Symphony I (1971)
  • Cantata for women's choir and orchestra (verses by Lucian Blaga, 1971)
  • "Valences", symphonic movement, 1973
  • Concerto for clarinet and orchestra, 1974
  • Cantata II for soprano, baritone, mixed chorus and orchestra (verses by Lucian Blaga, 1977
  • Cantata III "Country-land, country-idea" for women's chorus and orchestra, verses by Nichita
  • Stanescu, 1977
  • Symphony II "Hymns", 1978
  • Opera for children "The Snow Queen" after a story by Hans Ch. Andersen, 1978
  • Concerto for flute, viola and chamber orchestra, 1980
  • Symphony V (1985-1986)
  • Symphony VI (1988-1989)
  • Symphonic poem "Ierusalem" (1990)
  • Concerto for string orchestra (1991)
  • Concerto for piano for four hands and orchestra (1993)
  • Chamber opera "Chant d'amour de la Dame la Licorne" (verses by Etienne de Sadeleer(1995)
  • Symphony VIII (1995-1996)
  • Concerto for saxophone and orchestra (1997)
  • "Pastorale" for wind orchestra (1999)
  • Concerto for organ and orchestra (2002), first audition at "Mihail Jora" Concert Hall, Bucharest, November 13, 2002, with Radio Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Cristian Brancusi and Ilse  Maria Reich as organist
  • Computer music (2003) - Basson Quartet, Barcarola, Pastorale, dancing Visions - 1 CD - Computer Music (12 variations)
  • Computer music (2004) - Rhythms - 1 CD Computer Music (8 Studies)

Chamber music

  • Sonata for flute solo (1973)
  • Music for clarinet, harp and percussion (1972)
  • Lyric Sequence for clarinet, trumpet and piano (1974)
  • Two sequences for soprano and chamber orchestra (1976)
  • "Collages" for brass quintet (1977)
  • "Incantations" II for violin, viola, cello and piano (1978)
  • "Consonances" I for 4 trombones (1978)
  • "Consonances" II for clarinet and piano (1979)
  • "Consonances" III for organ solo (1979)
  • "Consonances" V for organ solo (1980)
  • "Images interrupted" for wood wind quintet (1983)
  • "Cadenza" for violin (1983)
  • "Pastorale" for bas, clarinet and piano (1984)
  • "Allegro veloce e caratteristico" for organ (1985)
  • Sonata for six hors (1986)
  • "Larghetto" for string chamber orchestra (1988)
  • "Intersections" - sonata for horn and piano (1989)
  • Music for Het Trio (1990)
  • "Atre" for fl. Cl. Fg. (1991)
  • "Cadenza" III for piano (1992)
  • Sonata for piano (1993)
  • "Fantasy" for violoncello and piano (1994)
  • "Poem for Romania", "Poem for Madona from Neamt" for soprano and piano (verses by Eugen Van Itterbeek (1994)
  • "Consonances" VI for blockflote quartet (1997)
  • "Five movements" for violoncello and piano (1997)
  • "Consonances" VII for harp solo (1998)
  • "Parallel musics" for saxophone, violocello and piano (2001)
  • "Incantations" III for violoncello and tape (2002)

Published Works at:

  • Musical Publishing House, Bucharest
  • Modern Publishing House, Munchen
  • Furore Publishing House, Kassel
  • Edition Score-On-Line (France)


  • Member of the Union of Romanian Composers
  • Member of the International Society "Frau und Musik", Germany
  • Member of GEMA, Germany
  • First Vice-President of the Cultural Association Romania-Israel (ACPRI)
  • Member in GOOD STANDING of the Research Board of Advisors, American Biographical Institute, USA
  • Member of the Professional Women's Advisory Board, USA
  • Member of the European Conference for Promoters of New Music (see Nuova Musica Consonante)
  • Member of Living Music Foundation Inc., USA
  • Member of the Research Council of the International Biographical Center, England

Prizes and Awards

  • 1975, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1984, 1987, 1988 - Prize of the Union of Romanian Composers
  • 1979 - Gaudeamus Prize
  • 1979 - First Prize "Carl Maria von Weber", Dresden
  • 1980 - Prize of Romanian Academy
  • 1980 - Gaudeamus Prize
  • 1982, 1983 - Diploma from the "Who's Who in the World Dictionary", USA
  • 1989 - Second Prize,  Mannheim-Gedock, Germany
  • 1986 - Prize of Beer-Sheva, Israel
  • 1991 - Third Prize "Fanny Mendelssohn", Dortmund-Unna, Germany
  • 1992 -  Prize "Gaudeamus", Magadino, Switzerland
  • 1993 - ISCM Prize, ,Mexico
  • 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000 - "Woman of the Year", USA
  • 1997, 1998 - "Woman of the Year", Great Britain
  • 1997 - Prize ACMEOR,  Bucharest
  • 1997 - Prize ACMEOR, Tel-Aviv
  • 2000 - "International Commendation of Success",  USA
  • 2000 - "The 20th Century", USA
  • 2001 - "International Personality of the Year 2001", Great Britain
  • 2001 - "Researcher of the Year 2001", American Biographical Institute, USA
  • 2002 - "Woman of the Year 2002", American Biographical Institute, USA
  • 2003, 2004 - Prize for Electroacoustic Composition, Bourges, France
  • 2003 - International Peace Prize, awarded by  United Cultural Convention, USA
  • 2003 - Woman of the Year 2003, American Biographical Institute, USA
  • 2004 - Order of Cultural Merit, Second Class, Romania
  • 2005 - Woman of the Year 2005, American Biographical Institute, USA
  • 2005 - Woman of Achievement Award, American Biographical Institute, USA
  • 2005 - Honorary Diploma of Composers Union of Belgium
  • 2007 - ABI Gold Medal for Romania
  • 2008 - Sovereign Ambassador of the Order of American Ambassadors
  • 2008 - Founding Member of the International Women's Review Board, USA

the last concert of Liana Alexandra in Bucharest (at the Romanian Radio, June 2, 2010) with his children's opera "The Snow Queen" (after Hans Christian Andersen) - the GAUDEAMUS COMPOSITION PRIZE 1980 (Amsterdam, Holland). In 6 Parts:

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