Noah Creshevsky
"Imagine all the world's instruments, musicians and hemispheres lashed together into a giant mega-calliope, super-jukebox, or fantasmo-sampler. As called to action by a hyper-caffeinated virtuoso, it might sound something like thes works by Noah Creshevsky."
--Arved Ashby, Gramophone
"Creshevsky is as much a virtuoso of the sampler as anyone working in the field. But instead of using it for mere technical effects, he turns it into a tool of the imagination, creating impossible ensembles from some parallel universe. ... His sampler is a means toward not only superhuman virtuosity, but a new universality."
--Kyle Gann, music critic, Village Voice
"...constantly mutating and though they were defining a new 'common practice' from an alternative dimension...the work of an American original whose mastery of his vision is absolute."
--Robert Carl, Fanfare
"...for a completely different take on the idea of rethinking repertoire, try Noah Creshevsky's electroacoustic works on Mutablemusic. Creshevsky is one of the great originals in the field. He takes literally thousands of tiny samples from a range of music that covers different cultures, historical periods, and stylistic languages, and then assembles them into his own pieces. Most of the samples are just a single note or a tiny motive, so the music is disorientingly familiar and "natural", yet also utterly unlike anything you've ever heard. It's a constant rush of invention, humor, and fantasy (one piece creates the operatic death scene to end all such; one wonders who would try to write another after hearing this). Great testimony to the capacity of our composers to still amaze us."
--Robert Carl, Fanfare
" impressive guiding vision that holds even the most diverse ideas together."
--Ken Smith, Gramophone
"...deserves and rewards the attention it demands."
--Malcolm Tattersall, Music and Vision, Townsville, Australia
"...the line between genius and insanity."
--Jason MacNeil, All Music Guide
"...Creshevsky's music is cosmopolitan and streetwise post modern expression...I do not exaggerate when I say that I have never heard anything like Creshevsky's music before...If you're up for an aural adventure, here's your ticket."
--Josh Mailman, American Record Guide
"His works are powerful musical statements that may also become historically important...totally fascinating."
--Randy Raine-Reusch, Musicworks
"Creshevsky is one of the great originals in the field...the music is disorientingly familiar and 'natural,' yet also utterly unlike anything you've ever heard."
--Robert Carl, Fanfare
"...simply of the most interesting composers I know."
--Jed Distler, Gramophone

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