Noah Creshevsky
On Borrowed Time
"When times are good and many of us have more of almost anything than we really need, borrowing becomes a possibility, and lending a joy. ... For many years, I have sought to expand the palette from which music is made. While my constant goal has been the creation of a series of compositions, my ongoing work to expand the musical palette has also been a conscious tribute to social and political models that embrace the many as opposed to the few."
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- by Noah Creshevsky, Kalvos and Damian
NewMusicBox asks: When drawing from preexisting works, how do you balance legal and moral obligations with the potential to create new art?
Noah Creshevsky answers: Since I cannot close my ears the way I can close my eyes, I am obliged to hear all kinds of sounds throughout the day. The sounds of our shared environment form a common sonic reality
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- by Noah Creshevsky, New Music Box

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