Tuomo Haapala

Tuomo Haapala, born in Northern Finland, Tornio 1945. Living in Julita. Working as a musician, composer and director .

More than 20 CITYPERFORMANCES in th Nordic countries with music, directing and manuscript by Haapala since 1992. 110 000 visitors and over 10.000 actors. Oslo, Trondheim, Stamsund, Bergen-European Cultural Capital , Stockholm , Kalmar, Landskrona, Helsinki-European Cultural Capital, Norrköping , Vänersborg, Wik, Uppsala etc.

Some recent performances. 2009 DROMLAGE ( A place for Dreams) was premiered in Vänersborg 24-25 september 2009 in an Icesport Hall. 750 actors with horses, orchestras, choirs, firhermen, skaters,snowobjects, videoprojections etc. 1 year of preparation with 750 local actors. 5 commisioned pieces of music. 4500 visitors. 2010 and 2011- outdoor performances kombining music,images, text and theathre at Wik-education in Arts. Uppland 2012 IRON & SILK at Barents spectacle in Kirkenes, Norway.

RADIOPHONIC COMPOSITIONS CONTINENTS MOVE IN THE NIGHT commisioned by Swedish Broadcasting Co 1988. For two voices-Stina Ekblad & Marie Selander and an ensemble. Text by the Finnish poet Arto Melleri. This composition was also made as a Finnish version 1996 for YLE /Radioteatteri. Continents Move in the Night has also resultid in an Art exhibition by the Norwegian textile-artist Webjorg Hagene -Thoe.

For more Information visit www.tuomo-haapala.nu