Patrick Liddell

Pat composes, teaches strings and composition and plays in local ensembles. She writes vocal and instrumental music, for soloists to large groups, for beginners to advanced performers, for almost any instrument or voice to electro-acoustic music. She is published and has had her music played both locally and abroad.

Patrick Liddell recently received this Doctor of Music at Northwestern University in Music Composition. His primary instructors have been Jay Alan Yim (Northwestern), Chris Mercer (Northwestern), Peter McIlwain (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia), and Steve Heinemann (Bradley University, Peoria IL). His music has been performed by Function Ensemble (London, UK), Monash Gamelan Ensemble (Melbourne), pLAy Ensemble (Los Angeles, CA), Vox Novus (NYC, NY), Third Coast Percussion Ensemble (Chicago, IL), and many other chamber and popular groups.

His art is a combination of music and video (video being the visual counterpart to the temporality of sound), and in a postmodern idiom attempts to combine popular, art, and world musics into a “unified disassociation”. His most recent project, Arrow To The Sun, is a multi-dimensional fractal-art piece that fuses music, video, taste, touch, smell, and thought to evoke an anti-narrative of spiritual enlightenment.

For more Information visit www.ontologist.us