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Lilia Valitova earned her Ph.D. at the Piotr Tchaikovski Conservatory in Moscow, from which she also earned graduate and undergraduate degrees. Her dissertation was on music theory. Ms. Valitova studied composition with Professor Albert Leman, harmony with Professor Stepan Grigoriev, and polyphony with Professor Vladimir Protopopov. After she received her doctorate, Ms. Valitova taught music theory at the Academy of Arts in Ufa, Russia.

At the age of thirteen, Ms. Valitova won first place in a regional music competition for youth. This accomplishment enabled her to be accepted at a Special Musical High School for gifted children. In order to enable the young Lilia to attend that school, her family had to move from Salavat to Ufa. Her father gave up his position as Director of Scientific Research to make possible for her to continue studying at a higher level.

Her compositions have been performed in Russia, the United States, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Estonia. Currently piano music artist Lilia Valitova lives in Northern California where she continues to compose and perform her music.

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