Joseph Bohigian

Joseph Bohigian is a composer and performer living in Fresno, California. His works have been performed in Europe, Armenia, and across the US, including performances at the Composer’s Voice Concert Series in New York City, the SCI Region V Conference in Dubuque, Iowa, the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal, and the AGBU Musical Armenia Program in Yerevan, Armenia. Bohigian is currently an honors student attending California State University Fresno, where he studies with Kenneth Froelich and Benjamin Boone. He has also studied with Artur Avanesov in Yerevan, Armenia and, in 2014, held an internship with Vox Novus in New York City where he curated a concert for the Composer’s Voice Concert Series. In addition to composing, Bohigian is an active percussionist and pianist, having performed in New York City, Yerevan, and across California.

For more Information visit http://www.josephbohigian.wix.com/composer