Joel R. Hobbs

Composer and mandolinist Joel R. Hobbs (b. 1963) writes and performs joyous music in wide range of styles including jazz, folk and chamber. His music has been performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble, the Wet Ink Ensemble, the Austin Mandolin Orchestra, Suzanne Mueller and Thomas Piercy.

The Founder and Director of the Austin Mandolin Orchestra, he is a member of ASCAP, American Composers Forum, and Vox Novus. A multi-instrumentalist, his debut solo CD, Good Dogs Always Eat features Joel performing twelve original acoustic and jazz pieces. Joel has also performed with the Austin Symphony Orchestra, the Mandofest Orchestra, the Mandolin Symposium Orchestra, Paul Glasse, Radim Zenkl, Bret Boyer, Chris Peterson, Gary Graves, Terri Neubert, Jerry Wise, Glen Vanlandingham, Kivie Cahn-Lipman, Alex Mincek, Solomon Hoffman, and Sky Macklay.

Joel is also principal in Hyoshi New Media, Inc., a music publishing company. He teaches mandolin and resides in Austin Texas with his wife and a couple of border collies.

For more Information visit www.joelhobbs.com