Drake Mabry

Drake Mabry has made his home in France since 1988 and has worked as a performer, composer and teacher. From 1999 to 2006 he was director of the French government subsidized CEFEDEM School of Music in Poitiers, France. He is also a member of the French Ministry of Culture's commission to develop the future of higher education in Europe.

His musical studies were with Harold Gomberg (oboe) at the Juilliard and Manhattan Schools of Music where he received his Bachelors degree in 1971. He holds a Masters of Music degree in composition from Rice University and a Doctorate in composition from the University of California in San Diego. His principal composition teachers were Will Ogdon, Paul Cooper, Krysztof Penderecki, and John Cage.

In 1971 he began his musical career as principal oboe with orchestras in the United States, Canada, and England. In 1975 he pursued his interests in the jazz world playing saxophone, flute and clarinet in the Aspen Music Festival Big Band and in his own quintet. Since 1978 he has concentrated on composition and improvisation.

Drake Mabry has written over 100 works including 50 commissions (7 Commandes de l'Etat) for soloists, ensembles, and orchestras. He has received numerous performances of his music in the United States, Israel, Asia, and Europe. He is regularly invited as composer in residence and received the "Bourse de la Création 1996" from the Conseil Général des Vosges.
His music is published by Editions Musicales Européenes, Editions Henry Lemoine, Editions Transatlantiques, Shawnee Press and Drake Mabry Publishing. His music is recorded on the compact disc labels: Musique Française d'Aujourd'hui Radio France, Neuma, l'Atout Vosgien, Hopi, and Berlioz Historic Brass.

He has taught at Rice University, and Dartmouth College in the US and at the University of Strasbourg, University of Rennes, and the University of Poitiers in France.

He performs regularly with his wife and pianist, Catherine Schneider, in the improvisation ensemble Convergences playing his own bamboo clarinets (sopranino to contrabass) as well as the single reed oboe, wood saxophone, serpent and darbouka. In 1995 Radio France broadcast a 5-part series on his compositions and improvisations.
His poetry has been published in England and the U.S. and his paintings have been used by theatre groups, composers and improvisers.

Press Reviews

"fleet virtuosic essay"
N.Y. Times

"in contemporary music, version Drake Mabry, inspiration is everywhere"
French television, M6 Découverte

"Interpreter, Composer, Instrument maker, Handyman - a virtuoso"
Radio France, Yvan Amar, Coda,

Drake Mabry, 8 Le Bois Frémin, Masseuil, 86190 Quinçay, France
tel/fax: 33 (0)5 49 36 07 58 e-mail: mabry@tele2.fr website: drakemabrypublishing.com

Year           Title                                                 Instrumentation                                 Duration


2007           15 Meditations                               piano solo                                            1h20

2007           6 Meditations                                 piano solo                                            22'00

                   (based on the Sinfonia from Bach's Cantata No. 4)

2007           Silent Durations XXIII                   soprano, cello and piano                      6'00

                   Text by Drake Mabry

                   Premiere: Geneviève Bouillet, Marc Benyahia-Kouider and Catherine Schneider

                   Rendez-vous à l'Équinoxe, Poitiers, France, March 17, 2007

2007           Concerto for Kientzy                      bass saxophone and string orchestra     9'25

                   Commissioned by Daniel Kientzy

2007           Silent Durations XXII                    bass saxophone and stringorchestra      11'15

                   Commissioned by Daniel Kientzy

2007           Detuned/Stillness( text: Jim Dening) soprano and piano                              5'00

                   Premiere: Geneviève Bouillet and Catherine Schneider

                   Rendez-vous à l'Équinoxe, Poitiers, France, March 17, 2007

2007           Silent Durations XXI                      cello solo                                             10'06

                   Commissioned by Marc Benyahia-Kouider

                   Premiere: Marc Benyahia-Kouider

                   Rendez-vous à l'Équinoxe, Poitiers, France, March 17, 2007

2007           Silent Durations XX                       soprano saxophone, viola and piano     13'44

                   Commissioned by Daniel Kientzy

                   Premiere: Daniel Kientzy, Cornelia Petroiu et Milhail Virtosu

                   Salle Thalia, Sibiu, Rumania, April 1, 2007

2006           Silent Durations XIX                      tenor and baritone saxophone               10'00

                   Commissioned by Celine Pogglioli and Isèle Penaud

                   Premiered by Celine Poggioli and Iséle Penaud, 14th World Saxophone

                   Congress, Ljubliana, Slovenia, July 8, 2006

2005           Silent Durations XVIII                   electric blue harp                                  5'00

                   Commissioned by the Compagnie "du Coq à l'Ane"

                   Premiered by Sylvie Bouchetière, Cap Sud, Poitiers, France, March 1, 2006



2005           Silent Durations XVII                    cello and piano                                     9'00

                   Commissioned by the Conservatoire National de Région de Poitiers

                   Premiered by Marc Benyahia Kouider and Olivier Grimal

                   Auditorium St. Germain, Poitiers, France February 5, 2006

2005           Three Preludes                               saxophone solo                                    3'00

                   Comissioned by the French Ministry of Culture

                   Premiered by 11 saxophonists February 1, 2005 as part of the exam

                   for the national teaching certificate (C.A.)

2004           Silent Durations XVI                      open instrumentation                            11'10

                   Premiere: CSULA New Music Ensemble, John M. Kennedy director

                   California State University Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA

                   November 18, 2004

2004           Silent Durations XV (Tango)         piano solo                                            6'10

2004           Silent Durations Va                        percussion trio                                     15'18

2004           Silent Durations XIV                      soprano saxophone, string orch.           16'45

                   Premiere: Andy Leveque, soprano saxophone

                   string orchestra, Marc Bleuse, direction

                   Auditorium Saint-Pierre des Cuisines, Toulouse, France, January 26, 2007

2004           Silent Durations XIII                     large ensemble                                     16'30

2004           Silent Durations XII                       double bass duo                                   10'20

                   Commissioned by François Vigneron

                         Premiere: François Vigneron and Raymond Fournier

                   Dimanches Découvert, Châtellerault, France, March 6, 2005

2004           Silent Durations XI                        clavichord solo                                     8'00

2003           Silent Durations X                          piano four hands                                  15'44

2003           Silent Durations IX                        violin and piano                                    15'16

2003           Silent Durations VIII                     large orchestra                                     23'10

2003           Lamentations (from Silent Durations VIII) string orchestra                          10'00

                   Premiere: string orchestra, Marc Bleuse, direction

                   Auditorium Saint-Pierre des Cuisines, Toulouse, France

                   January 26, 2007

2003           Le Printemps                                  large ensemble                                     18'00

                   Commissioned by Musiques et Danses en Finistère 2003

                   Premiere: L'Ensemble Instrumental des Enseignants du Finistère,

                   Marc Schuster, direction, Breles, France, January 24, 2004

2003           Silent Durations VII                       alto saxophone and piano                     12'02

2003           Silent Durations VIf                       three cellos, three guitars, and

                                                                            three trombones                                   6'32

Premiere: CNR Ensemble, Christiane Bopp, direction

CNR, Poitiers, France, March 21, 2004

2003           Silent Durations VIe                      three guitars and three trombones         6'32

2003           Silent Durations VId                      three cellos and three trombones          6'32

2003           Silent Durations VIc                       three cellos and three guitars                 6'32

2003           Silent Durations VIb                      three trombones                                   6'32

2003           Silent Durations VIa                      three guitars                                         6'32

2003           Silent Durations VI                        three cellos                                          6'32

Commissioned by Stéphane Bonneau

Premiere: Stéphane Bonneau Trio,

Baptistère, Poitiers, France, May 16, 2003

2003           Silent Durations V                          drumset                                               19'41

2003           Silent Durations IV                        two pianos                                           23'45

2003           Silent Durations III                        two violins                                           18'26

2003           Silent Durations IIa                        woodwind quintet                                24'40

2003           Silent Durations II                          flute, clarinet, violin, cello, guitar           24'40

2003           Silent Durations I                           piano                                                   21'00

                   Premiered by Mihail Virtosu, September 9, 2006

                   Festivalul Zilele Muzichii Contemporane, edita XX, Bucarest, Rumania

2003           Prelude for double bass                  double bass                                         3'00

                   Commisioned by the French Ministry of Culture

                   Premiered by 30 bassists  during February and March, 2003 as

                   part of the exam for the national teaching certificate (C.A.)

2003           Le Cerisier ( text: Jim Dening)         soprano and piano                               4'50

                   Premiere: Geneviève Bouillet and Catherine Schneider

                   Rendez-vous à l'Équinoxe, Poitiers, France, March 17, 2007

2003           Sound Silences                                8 cellos                                                6'20

                   Commissioned by Marc Benyahia-Kouider
                   Premiere: CNR Cello ensemble conducted by Marc Benyhia-Kouider
                   CNR Poitiers, France, March 22, 2003

2002           Eric's Puzzle Canon                        piano                                                   2'36

2002           Piano Graphics                               piano                                                   5'00

2002           Ogdoniana                                       piano                                                   1'20

2002           Timbral Timbres                             8 cellos                                                3'00

                   Commissioned by Marc Benyahia-Kouider
                   Premiere: CNR Cello ensemble conducted by Marc Benyhia-Kouider
                   CNR Poitiers France, March 22, 2003

1995/2002  Three Preludes and Prelude Trio  oboe solo/trio                                      5'10

                   Commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture, Paris, France

                   Premiered by 60 oboists during January and February, 1996 as

                   part of the exam for the national  teaching certificate (C.A.)

2002           Pebbles, Debris (text: Jim Dening)soprano and piano                                  3'35

                   Premiere: Geneviève Bouillet and Catherine Schneider

                   Rendez-vous à l'Équinoxe, Poitiers, France, March 17, 2007

2002           Sonatas and Interludes (in memory of John Cage)                                  33'00

                   1. Sonata I for prepared pianist

                   2. Interlude 1 (Friendship Inn) for flute ensemble

                   3. Interlude 2 (Drum Battle) for percussion ensemble

                   4. Interlude 3 (Hymn) for saxophone ensemble

                   5. Sonata II (Cage's Canon) for mixed ensemble

                   6. Interlude 4 (Variations without a theme) for any five instruments

                   7. Interlude 5 (Conversations and Dialogue) for two choirs

                   8. Interlude 6 (Trumpet Tango) for brass ensemble

                   9. Sonata III for unprepared pianist

                   Commissioned by the School of Music, Thouars, France
                   Premiere: Professors and students of the School of music, Thouars
                   Theatre de Thouars, France, May 16, 2002

2002           Drumissimo                                     percussion quartet                                        

                   Commissioned by the Theatre Athenor

                   Premiere: Ensemble Rhizome, Theatre Athenor, Nantes, France,

                   May 23, 2002

2001           Paris Encounter                              soprano, clarinet, cello, and harp

                   Text by Drake Mabry

                   Commissioned by the Poitiers Music Conservatory

                   Premiere: CNR new music ensemble, Poitiers, France May 18, 2001

2001           Negyesy’s Gallery                         two violins                                           32’40

                   Commissioned by János Negyesy

                   Premiere: János Negyesy and Paivikki Nykter

                   UCSD, San Diego, California, April 10, 2001

2001           Four Portraits                                 clarinette, bamboo clarinet, piano         12’

                   Premiere: Gary Gray, clarinet, Drake Mabry, bamboo clarinet, and

                   Catherine Schneider, piano,

                   UCLA Los Angeles, California, USA, April 5, 2001

2001           For Michel Decoust                       piano                                                   2'36

2001           Stuff#1                                             one or more players                             5'-25'

                                                                            each with their own page turner

2001           Aléatorica                                       ensemble                                             12’

                   Premiere: CEFEDEM Ensemble conducted by Paul Méfano,

                   Poitiers, France, February 15, 2001

2001           Piano Zoo                                        piano solo and piano six hands             3'30  

2000           Cyberchatche en Méga Hertz       Opera for children                                30’

                   Premiere: CNR Nantes, France, June 15, 2001

2000           Trois Tableaux                               band                                                    15’

                   Commissioned by Association Saxon

                   Premiere: Orchestre d’Harmonie de la Ville de Dunkerque,

                   Dunkerque, France, May 20, 2000

2000           Minimal Mist                                  original for piano four hands                 2’00

                   versions for piano eight hands, strings, mixed instruments, etc.

1999           Saxissimo                                        saxophone ensemble                            2’30

                   Commissioned by Claude Delangle
                   Premiere: CNSM Saxophone ensemble, Montreal, Canada, July 7, 2000

1999           Cinq Préludes                                 piano four hands                                  12’

1999           CFMI 99                                         ensemble                                             10’

                   Commissioned by CFMI Poitiers

                   Premiere: CFMI Ensemble, Poitiers, France, June 15, 1999

1998           Frozen Moments (Moments Glacés) flute, bassoon, and piano                 6'

                   Commissioned by Les Cloches Pieds

                   Premiere: Les Cloches Pieds, CEFEDEM, Poitiers, Fance, June 9, 1998

1998           Quatre Tanka                                 soprano voice and serpent                    8'

                   Text by Drake Mabry

                   Commissioned by Michel Godard

                   Premiere: Michel Godard and Linda Bsiri, CNR Poitiers, France, April 9, 1998

1997           St. Nazaire-Atlantique                    band                                                    12'

                   Commissioned by the Orchestre d'Harmonie de St. Nazaire

                   Premiere: l'Orchestre d'Harmonie of St. Nazaire, Bruno Yviquel, direction

                   St. Nazaire, France, November 29, 1997

1997           Seven plus                                       Jazz big band                                       12'

                   Bourse de la Création 1997, Department of the Vosges                               

                   Premiere: Contrexéville Big Band

                   Musicora 1997

                   Paris, France, April 26, 1997

1997           Ghost Tango                                   flute and guitar                                     5'

                   Commissioned by the Garcin Duo

1997           Un Jour ou l'Autre                          oboe band and percussion                    25'

                   Commissioned by the Conservatoire National de Région de Metz

                   Premiere: ensemble of oboists and bassoonists from the Conservatory of Metz,

                   and the Music Schools of Bouzonville, Esch-sur-Alzette, Hagondange, Ban-Saint-

                   Martin, Metz-Sablon, Amnéville, Talange, Forbach, Freyming-Merlebach, Val de

                   Metz, Yutz, Thionville, Sarreguemines, and the dance and percussion classes of

                   the Conservatory of Metz, André Sablon, direction

                   Arsenal, Metz, France, January 31, 1998

1997           Variance                                          clarinet quintet                                      10'

                   Bourse de la Création 1997, Department of the Vosges                               

1997           l'Après-Midi                                   string orchestra                                    10'

                   Bourse de la Création 1997, Department of the Vosges                               

1997           14 solos for sight-reading               winds, percussion, guitar, keyboards    16'

                   Commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture


1997           Anould à Nous                                five children's choirs, brass, and

                                                                            percussion                                           30'

                   Bourse de la Création 1997, Department of the Vosges                               

                   Premiere: Batterie-Fanfare "La Renaissante", 120 children from l'Ecole du

                   Centre and l'Ecole du Souche, Drake Mabry, direction

                   Cultural Center, Anould, France, May 9, 1997

1996           Recitative                                       oboe band                                           4'

1996           Cristal                                             solo contrabass saxophone and            12'30

                                                                            four alto saxophones

                   Commissioned by Daniel Kientzy

                   Premiere: Daniel Kientzy and ensemble

                   Ecole Nationale de Musique

                   Blois, France, December 21, 1996

1996           A Piacere                                        improvisational soloist(s),                     20-30'

                                                                            brass ensemble, and percussion

                   Commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, Paris, France, 1996

                   Premiere: Michel Godard, tuba soloist

                   A Piacere, Philippe Barthod, conductor

                   Contrexeville, France, October 29, 1996

1996           Concerto d'Automne                      solo trombone, woodwind quintet         15'

                                                                            and string quintet (or string orchestra)

                   Commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, Paris, France, 1992

                   (Direction Regionales Affairs Culturales of Champagne-Ardenne)

1996           16 solos for sight-reading               winds, percussion, guitar, keyboards    18'

                   Commissioned by the Ministry of Culture

1996           Aria                                                 solo baritone oboe and oboe band       7'30

                   Premiere: Bernard Delcambre, baritone oboe soloist

                   Oboe band of Nantes, Christophe Duchêne, conductor

                   St. Philibert de Grandlieu, France, September 8, 1996

1996           Soleil Luisant                                  voice, contrabass clarinet, cello,           7'30

                                                                            accordion, piano, and percussion

                                                                            text by Charles d'Orleans

                   Premiere: Ensemble Aleph

                   Theatre Dunois, Paris, France, December 9, 1996

1995           Twilight                                           organ solo                                            5'

                   Commissioned by Prima Rassegna Organistica

                   Premiere: Massimo Nosetti, organ, Prima Rassegna Organistica

                   Milan, Italy, November 17, 1995





1995           Au Moment...                                  improvisation duo and                          20'

                                                                            chamber orchestra

                   Commissioned by Gérard and Nicole Gouye

                   Premiere: Résonance Duo (Drake Mabry and Catherine Schneider)

                   Ensemble 2e2m, Paul Méfano, conductor,

                   Pompidou Center, Paris, France, January 29, 1996

1995           Three Nocturnes                            flute, clarinet, violin,                              12'

                                                                            violoncello, and guitar

                   Commissioned by Ensemble Berlingots Musique d'Aujourd'hui

                   Premiere: Ensemble Berlingots Musique d'Aujourd'hui, Festival de

                   Musique Contemporaine, Nantes, France, June 10, 1995

1995           Three Bizarre Blues                       piano solo                                            10'

1995           Clavier family album                      piano solo                                            10'

1995           Et l'unique cordeau des                  tenor voice and piano                           1'30"

                   trompettes marines                        text by Guillaume Apollinaire

                   Premiere: University of Rennes II, Rennes, France, April, 1995

1994           Nous Sommes Là                           children's chorus, 2 trumpets,               10'

                                                                            horn, and trombone

                                                                            text by Drake Mabry

                   Commissioned by École Intercommunale de Musique du SIVOM de Gondrecourt

                   Premiere: School of Music at Gondrecourt, Dominique Weber, director,

                   Gondrecourt, France, May 28, 1994

1994           Aléa                                                 clarinet, violoncello, percussion,            3" à 30"

                                                                            and piano

                   Commissioned by Ensemble Aleph

                   Premiere: Ensemble Aleph, Théâtre Dunois, Paris, France, November 30, 1994

1994           Ceremony II                                   vibraphone solo                                   19'

                   Commissioned by Emmanuel Sejourné

1994           Gamelan                                          piano 8 hands                                      15'

1993           Ombres                                           piano solo                                            6'30"

1993           Stillness                                           piano solo                                            5'

                   Premiere: Catherine Schneider, Soirée Steinway, Jurignac, France

                   February 20, 2007

1993           Five Haiku                                      clarinet and piano                                 9'

                   Premiere: Ensemble 2e2m, Kiev, Russia, July, 1993

1993           Five Haiku                                      version for piano solo                           9'

1993           Five Pièces                                      large orchestra                                     26'

                   Commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, Paris, France, 1992

                   Premiere: Orchestre Symphonique du Conservatoire de Nantes

                   Christophe Duchêne, conductor

                   Nantes, France, November 8, 1996


1992           Ceremony I                                     soprano saxophone                              13'

                   Commissioned by Claude Delangle

                   Premiere: Claude Delangle, USA tour, Autumn, 1992

1992           Voyage                                            wind orchestra                                     15'

                   Commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, Paris, France, 1992

                   (Direction Regionales Affairs Culturales of Lorraine)

                   Premiere: Orchestre d’Harmonie du Stage ASSECARM, Yves Cohen,

                   conductor, Contrexville, France, October 31, 1992

1992           'Nantes'                                           tuba and wind orchestra                       11'

                   Commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, Paris, France, 1991

                   Premiere: Michel Godard, tuba, Union Philharmonique de Nantes,

                   Frédéric Oster, conductor, Nantes, France, June 10, 1992

1992           'Arnage'                                          trombone and wind orchestra               12'

                   Commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, Paris, France, 1991

                   (Direction Regionales Affaires Culturales of Pays de la Loire)

                   Premiere: Pascal Renou, trombone, l’Harmonie Municipal d’Arnage,

                   Francis Rouillard, conductor, Arnage, France, June 12, 1992

1991           Suite for piano (1991)                                                                                10'30"

                   Commissioned by Catherine Schneider

                   Premiere: Catherine Schneider, piano, Conservatoire Municipal de

                   Musique de Suresnes, Suresnes, France, December 3, 1991

1991           Duo for tuba and harpsichord                                                                   7'

                   Commissioned by Michel Godard

                   Premiere: Michel Godard, tuba and Virginie Vuong, harpsichord,

                   Festival Coup de Vents, Le Havre, France, June 10, 1991

1991           Concerto pour Violoncello (arrangement of 12.15.89)                                16'

                   Commissioned by Roland Pidoux

1990           11.6.90 (Quintet for flute, clarinet, trombone, violin,                                      11'

                   and violoncello)

1990           3.28.90 (Duo for tubas)                                                                                10'30"

                   Commissioned by Mel Culbertson

                   Premiere: Mel Culbertson and Roger Bobo, tubas, Festival des Cuivres,

                   Sipora, Japan, August 6, 1990

1990           3.28.90a (version for bass clarinets)  10'30"

1990           3.28.90b (version for horns)                                                                         10'30"

1990           3.27.90 (solo for vibraphone)                                                                       13'30"

                   Commissioned by Jean-Charles François

                   Premiere: Jean-Charles François, vibraphone, Maison des Cultures

                   du Monde, Paris, France, May 29, 1990

1990           String Quartet No. 3                                                                                  10'30"

1990           Easy Pieces                                     piano solo                                            10'20"


1990           1.3.90 (Solo for piano)                                                                                 11'

                   dedicated to Catherine Schneider

                   Premiere: Catherine Schneider, piano,American Church, Paris,

                   France, February 11, 1990

1989           12.15.89 (Concerto for soprano saxophone and chamber orchestra)             16'

                   Commissioned by Henry Crapo for John Sampen

                   Premiere: John Sampen, saxophone, Hartt Contemporary Players,

                   Douglas Jackson, direction, West Hartford, Connecticut, March 14, 1990

1989           9.10.89 (Quintet for soprano saxophone, synthesizer, electric                        18'45"

                   guitar, bass guitar, and midi drums)

                   Commissioned by Daniel Kientzy

                   Premiere: Daniel Kientzy and Barocko, Exstasis Festival 89, Geneva,

                   Switzerland, October 7, 1989

1989           M (for jazz ensemble and computer)                                                             17'

                   Commissioned by Paris Horn and Synthesizer Ensemble (PHASE)

                   Premiere: PHASE ensemble, Radio France, Studio 103, Paris,

                   France, June 1, 1989

1989           C.S. (for jazz ensemble)                                                                               5'

                   Commissioned by Paris Horn and Synthesizer Ensemble (PHASE)

                   Premiere: PHASE ensemble, Manca Festival, Nice, France, June 30, 1989

1989           9.3.89 (Duo for piano and marimba)  15'

                   Commissioned by Catherine Schneider

1989           9.3.89a (Solo for piano)                                                                               5'30"

                   Commissioned by Catherine Schneider

1989           9.3.89b (version for vibraphone)                                                                   5'30"

1988           7.20.88 (saxophone quartet)                                                                         12'

                   Commissioned by Daniel Kientzy

                   Premiere: Daniel Kientzy with Le Saxtuor, Exstasis Festival 88,

                   Geneva, Switzerland, October 16, 1988

1988           5.4.88 (Solo for flute)                                                                                   12'

                   Commissioned by Henry Crapo for Pierre-Yves Artaud

                   Premiere: Pierre-Yves Artaud, Elizabeth University, Hiroshima,

                   Japan, May 21, 1988

1986           6.15.86 (Solo for Baroque oboe) revision 1996                                            11'30"

                   Premiere: Drake Mabry, International Double Reed Society,

                   Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA, August 13, 1986

1985           9.28.85 (Solo for trombone)                                                                         10'

                   Commissioned by Benny Sluchin

                   Premiere: Benny Sluchin, IRCAM, Paris, France, November 30, 1985




1985           5.8.85 (Quintet for piccolo, trombone, viola, violoncello,                               7'

                   and percussion)

                   Commissioned by New American Music in Europe (NAME)

                   Premiere: NAME Ensemble, Confluences, Paris, France, June 2, 1985

1985           1.20.85 (Quintet for piccolo, E flat clarinet, trombone,                                  9'

                   violin, and violoncello

1983           12.5.83 (Solo alto recorder)                                                                         6’30"

                   Création: Drake Mabry, IRCAM, Paris, France, December 4, 1984

1983           3.8.83 (The Black Wall)                    chamber ensemble                               10'30"

                   Premiere: Music Plus Ensemble, Drake Mabry, direction,

                   Unversity of California, San Diego, California, USA, May 10, 1983

1983           5.1.83 (Symphony n° 1 for large orchestra)                                                   23'

1983           11.10.83 (Street Cries for clarinet)                                                               8'45"

                   Commissioned by Michael Richards

                   Premiere: Michael Richards, Dartmouth College, Hanover,

                   New Hampshire, USA, January 29, 1984

1982           Five Haiku                                      flute, clarinet, viola, and                        8'


                   Premiere: Ensemble conducted by Drake Mabry, University of California,

                   San Diego, California, USA, October 8, 1982

1982           Collector’s Choice                          tape                                                     5'

1982           Until the Spring                               soprano voice and Baroque oboe         12'

                   Premiere: Carol Plantamura and Drake Mabry

                   University of California, San Diego, California, USA, May 10, 1982

1981           ...but many thousand heads            doublebass/reader                                9'

                   Premiere: Andrea Haines, reader and Donald Palma, double bass,

                   Composers Conference, Johnson, Vermont, USA, August 17, 1982

1980           Lament for Astralabe                     oboe solo                                            12'

1980           Graphics                                          improvisation ensemble                        11'

1980           Staying Together                            chamber ensemble                               10'

1980           Elegy                                               wind orchestra                                     9'

                   Commisioned by Dallas Texas Youth Orchestra

                   Premiere: Dallas Texas Youth Orchestra, Christopher Runk,

                   direction, Dallas, Texas, USA, October 10, 1980

1980           Elegy                                               brass band                                           9'

1980           Four Preludes by T.S. Eliot            soprano or tenor voice and piano         12'

1980           Variations for van Eyck                 carillon                                                 12'

1979           Suite pour piano (1979)                                                                             6'

1979           Darkness                                        alto recorder                                        8'

                   Premiere: Drake Mabry, Cal-Arts New Music Festival, Valencia,

                   California, USA, October 10, 1981


1979           Last Assignment                             chamber ensemble                               6'

                   Premiere: Ensemble conducted by Drake Mabry, University of California,

                   Los Angeles, California, USA, February 18, 1979

1978           Spirals                                             flute, clarinet, violon, viola,                   7'

                                                                            and violoncello

1978           Quintet for five double basses                                                                  16'

                   Commissioned by Paul Ellison

                   Premiere: International Double Bass Society, Isle of Man, England,

                   August 8, 1978

1978           Aspen p.m.                                      chamber orchestra                               15'

1978           Prelude and Fugue (revised 1990) saxophone quartet                                 4'10"

1977           King’s Weather                              bass clarinet, piano,                              10'

                                                                            and percussion

1977           String Quartet No. 2                                                                                  9'

                   Premiere: University String Quartet, Rice University, Houston,

                   Texas, USA, December 5, 1977

1977           Ragtime                                          piano solo                                            3'30"

1977           Solo                                                 double bass                                         8'

1977           Trio                                                  3 oboes                                               7'

1977           Peripeteia                                        large orchestra                                     10'

1977           Prelude                                            large orchestra                                     3'30"

1977           Overture                                         amateur ensemble                                2'

                   Premiere: classe de Music 18, Rice University, Houston, Texas,

                   USA, December 5, 1977

1977           'Musicale'                                       for soloist and 8 actors                         5'

                   Premiere: Drake Mabry, with the drama department,

                   Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA, December 5, 1977

1977           Quartet                                            flute, oboe, violoncello,                        12'

                                                                            and harpsichord

                   Premiere: University Baroque Ensemble, Rice University, Houston,

                   Texas, USA, December 5, 1977

1977           Trio for oboes                                                                                            8'

                   Premiere: Drake Mabry, Cameron Sawyer, and Joan Reid,

                   Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA, December 5, 1977

1977           Five Preludes for piano                                                                             8'

                   (based on Chopin Preludes)

                   Commissioned by Kathi Kurtzman

                   Premiere: Kathi Kurtzman, Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA,

                   April 19, 1977

1976           Laudate Dominum                          string orchestra                                    7'

                   Premiere: University String Ensemble, Rice University, Houston,

                   Texas, USA, April 19, 1977

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