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I am a self-taught musician. Guitar is my primary instrument and I started playing when I was 13 years old. For the last two years I have been working with home studio production software composing and producing my own work. I use a variety of tools, both hardware and software instruments, to produce a unique flavor of music.

I have written quite a bit of music intended for film, and within my first year of working for placement in films, my work has been accepted for two projects so far - one a feature length horror film.
I have my music posted and broadcast from two primary Podcast sites, downlinked through about 5 other Podcast sites in an attempt to get my music heard. Through having my music posted at a similar site, I was 'scouted' based upon my production capabilities, and requested to join a new site created specifically for DJ's and Home Producers like myself, called Naughty Audio. After joining naughtyaudio.com I was requested to serve as one of the site moderators and fill that role at this time. Over the last two years I have composed and produced over 500 pieces of original music, ranging from Neo-classical to Rock, to Jazz and more modern experimental styles of music. Some cuts are posted on this page, for other songs, please see my web page at: http://www.newbymusic.com/ .
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And Then it Rained
Hippo Waltz
It's a Dance We Do
Late Night at the Bakery
Put Your Troubles Away Blues
Rain Slick Road
Ritual at Mesa Roja
Sands of Mars
Sedona Sunset
Sweet Samba
Symphonette for Steve (1st Movement)
They Cry From the Heavens
Vampire Kiss
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