Christian Natta

Christian Natta was born on the 14th Of April of 1971, in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He start studying music at primary school, and continued at Secondary. At the age of 15 he started his first job as trumpet player in a band, while studying at the Conservatory of Buenos Aires. Once he had finished School he became a professional trumpeter and arranger, also travelling to London and attending the University of London. He also made several trips to Scotland, Wales, France, Italy, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Spain, South America…and tried to to take lessons in music and network with other musicians. He then went to USA and and was inspired by The New York Philharmonic. He met David Finlayson who was, and still is a big influence on him. Taking lessons in Argentina with Conductor and Composer Marcelo Ferreyra he travelled back to the USA to learn and absorb as much as he could. Christian works in Argentina as a trumpeter and arranger with many local bands in the fields of rock, pop, R&B, musical comedy and classical music. He has been invited to Conduct many projects, and compose for a variety of musical styles. In 2001 he released his first CD “Tomo I”. He also decided to stop playing trumpet and concentrate on composition. He was deeply affected by the troubles in his country but, with the help of other musicians managed to recover and redirect his energies. In 2006 he reunited his band and started to perform again, using only winds & brass. In 2007 Christian recorded “Pulso”, and wrote and recorded “Destellos”; he has mastered these recordings to make an hour-long collection of music(United Kingdom). On 2010 gets out a new album made in USA named "Searching for chronology in time" a work in five movements Recently commisioned to work for the Atlantic Brass Quintet of USA, Blow UP! Flute Octect of The Netherlands, Belgian Brass of Belgium, In Medias Brass Quintet of Humgary, Holenhole Brass of Germany, Mediterranean Brass Quintet from Spain, etc.

For more Information visit www.myspace.com/christiannatta