Bob Siebert
Bob is a recipient of Bachelor and Masters of Music Degrees from Manhattan School of Music. His private studies were with Armen Boyajian, pianist to Beverly Sills. He has been a performer/composer/teacher in the New York area for the past thirty five years.

All of the following are self-produced CD’s available at iTunes &

“New Day”
Electric Jazz Trio and solo classical/
improvised synthesized piano

“Urban Harmony” Electric/Realism, Pop/Fantasy
“Pictures” Electric/Realism, Pop/Fantasy
“My Bohemian Legacy” Solo synthesized piano - original pieces,
jazz classics & reinvented standards
“Live @ Steinway Gallery” Jazz Trio (Pn, Bass & Drs) reinvented standards
“Pieces of the Trans-world Suite” Original Thumb Piano Music

Coming Soon:
“Songs from the Tunesmith Journals” Solo Piano & other solo instruments
“Rrrrrrrring Tones” Primitive Melodies written for Circuit bent SK1 Keyboard
“Competition Piece” for Children’s Chamber Ensemble
“Improvisation” for Electric Ensemble & CD player
“JAM!” Tunes for Tomorrow
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