Andersen Viana
Andersen Viana
An active and prolific film music composer, Andersen Viana has written over 260 pieces, worked as a composer-conductor and a cultural producer, and has taught comparative music history at Palacio das Artes and Film Music at the Escola Livre de Cinema, both in Belo Horizonte- Brazil. In addition, he occasionally lectures in universities around the country and in Europe.

Born in 1962 in Belo Horizonte, this Brazilian composer, arranger, conductor and music producer comes from a family of musicians and artists. Among them was his father, Sebastião Vianna, who was very accomplished. Today, he is perhaps best remembered as the reviser of and assistant to Brazil’s most well known classical composer Heitor Villa-Lobos.

The young Viana’s first composition dates from between the ages of twelve and thirteen and was of a religious nature. His first instrument, the guitar, was soon exchanged for the piccolo and later for the flute, which he studied under guidance of his father. It seems that just being with his family served as an intense music education: at mealtimes many topics about the art were discussed and debated. These lively discussions, together with his flute studies and the advice and encouragement of his father, promoted the creation of many compositions.

Film music composer, conductor, music producer and professor. He was born in Belo Horizonte city-Brazil and has studied in courses and seminars about music and film in several official institutions with: Ennio Morricone, Ettore Scolla, Giussepe Tornatore, E. Polizzi, Radamés Gnatalli, Max Rostal, Oilliam Lanna, S.Vianna (Accademia Chigiana di Siena, Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna, Arts Academy of Rome, Royal College of Music - Stockholm, UFMG, UFBA), among others. 261 works composed and five CD's recorded. Nineteen national and international awards received, including the 1st prize at prestigious "1er Concours de Composition Musicale pour Orchestre d'Harmonie" in Comines - Belgium and two prizes at "Lambersart-France 2006".

He has composing, conducting and producing music for the following films: A Cartomante, Retalhos do Taquaril (Claudio Costa Val), Bem Próximo do Mal, Jogando para o Amanhã, O Próximo Passo, Gun’s Speech, Trem Fantasma, 3:00:AM (Sérgio Gomes), Corações Ardentes (Ray Evans), Filhos de Adão (Afonso Nunes), Perdidos em Abbey Road (Denis Curi), Vivalma (Rubens Câmara), Manuelzão e Bananeira (Geraldo Elísio), Ofélia (Fernanda Marçola), Opostos (Eduardo Rennó), Minas Portuguesa (Paulo Augusto Gomes), O Homem da Cabeça de Papelão (Carlos Canela), Condenado (Carlos Magno e Carlos Canela) and Ser Humano (Fernando Pinheiro).

Andersen is a professor at Palácio das Artes and Escola Livre de Cinema in Belo Horizonte - Brazil , pursuing his Doctoral Degree in Music Composition at Federal University of Bahia. He has printed his first book of tales for cinema - which include also an audio CD recorded in Czech Republic . He has just finished to record in July, his last album, conducting The Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra in Moscow with the music composed in 2007 - Cinemúsica 1 and 2 - and Suite Floral, composed in 1986. Andersen has developing works and cultural projects in these following countries: Brazil , USA , Italy , Sweden , France , Russia , Czech Republic , Honduras , United Kingdom , Portugal , Greece , Belgium and Bulgaria .

Each piece of music is composed by ANDERSEN accordingly with the specific project. The need of each film is studied accurately in order to create an appropriated atmosphere for each scene of the film according with the the script and the direction. As a film composer with European background (pupil of ENNIO MORRICONE at Siena and POLIZZI in Bologna-Italy), ANDERSEN has put his creative energy to the service of the purpose of each film. It is already 20 works composed, all of them are an outstandings films and some got national recognition at festivals like Gramado and Belo Horizonte . The music forces goes from chamber, acoustic voices up to electronics, made what the composer call as a multiaesthetic and multicultural line. In some words: he can use genres such as jazz, contemporary, classical, electronic, new age, experimental in a personal way TO CREATE THE APPROPRIATED MOOD FOR EACH FILM. More info. and samples of the music composed for films are also found at: at CINEMA E MUSICA link.

Some ANDERSEN partners (orchestras, groups and soloists) are also located in US, Europe and Brazil . Depending of each budget it can be recorded from his home studio in Brazil up to in Moscow at Moss Film Studio (where in the past the music form the Eisenstein were recorded and produced and today: Derzu Usala, War and Peace, Hellraiser), in Czech or in Slovenia (Bratislava), with a high quality of sound and top European orchestras.

Along with music, Viana pursues other artistic endeavors. After participating in text, scripting, and cinema workshops with Ana Miranda, Paulo Halm and Claudio MacDowell, in 2005 he released his first fictional book: Contos Cinematográficos Volume I.


*1984 - First Prize in the National Composition Competition of Rio de Janeiro
*1986 - Funarte Sidney Miller Hall
*1989 - Scholarship Award, Berklee College of Music , Boston - USA
*1992 - Anzio Music Festival Prize
*1993 - Italo-Latin American Institute of Rome Prize (IILA-Accademia Chigiana di Siena)
*1996 - First Prize at the II National Composition Competition for Double Bass (UFMG/ABC - Brazilian Double Bass Association)
*1998 - First Prize at the I Guerra-Peixe Composition Competition (FUNARJ-RJ)
*1998 - Second Prize at the II Camargo Guarnieri Composition Prize(USP Orchestra)
*2001 - "Best Sound Track" at the Gramado Film Festival at especial category
- First Prize at the Funarte Composition Competition(String Quartet)
-Second Prize at the Funarte Composition Competition(String Orchestra)
-Second Prize at the Funarte Composition Competition (Symphonic Orchestra)
- Public Prize at the Funarte Composition Competition
- First Prize at "1er Concours de Composition pour Orchestre à Vent" Lys Music Orchestra Comines - Belgium
*2004 - First Prize at Gilberto Mendes Composition Prize
*2004 - Honorable mention at “Coups de Vents” Composition Competition
*2006 - First Prize at "Concours de Composition pour Orchestre d’Harmonie" Lambersart – France .
- “Prix du Public” at "Concours de Composition pour Orchestre d’Harmonie" Lambersart – France .
- Second Prize at Composition Competition of Federal University of Bahia
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