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Since our inception in January of 2000, we overcame several obstacles and have enjoyed many accomplishments. We currently consist of a composer membership of over 100 composers which range from a variety of nations around the world. We host and promote an ensemble of musicians dedicated to the performance of our member's music. We have collaborated with several organizations in alliances which sponsor contemporary music growth and performance. We hope to grow our membership to create a collaborative community seeking to strength the new music community.

- Our Current Member List

Since the exposure of Vox Novus to the World Wide Web we have had hundreds of thousands of visitors from over 70 countries around the world. This includes the dissemination and exposure of our members scores and musical aesthetics to a broad audience curious to the music being created by contemporary composers. We hope to create a larger interested audience in our works, broadening our presence on the Internet and into the community.

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We have hosted many concerts in the United States, South America, and Europe, as well as fostering performances of our member's music for outside concert events, projects, commissions, and collaborations. We have provided performance opportunities for many different composers in regions where they would not have normally or easily had exposure to, as well as exposing composers early in their careers to performance of their works not easily attainable at the beginning stages of their careers. With projects such as 60x60 and the Composer's Voice concert series; we hope to create large diverse music events to touch communities through out the world.

- Current Projects and Concerts

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