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A Sincere Thanks

Much of the success Vox Novus has enjoyed has been directly due to the commitment of several dedicated people.

We would like to extend our warmest and most sincere thanks to the following:

Agueda Abad-Pages, Ilana Alexandra, Nina Assiamkopoulos, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, George Brunner, Noah Creshevsky, Anne Fiero, Helen Ging, Monica Harte, Dorothy Hindman, Craig Hultgren, Michael Kinney, Selig Mann, Charles Mason, Christian McLeer, Serban Nichifor, Marco Oppedisano, Terry Winter Owens, Maggie Owens, Rachel Phillips, David Sachs, Coa Schwab, Alex Shapiro, Juan Solare, Mary Voisey, Dwight Winenger, Jeramy Zimmerman and Josh

Many of our ventures have been started and fostered by the alliances formed in our joint pursuits of promoting contemporary music. The following organizations have been crucial to reaching these goals:

Birmingham Art Music Alliance, Catscratch Theater, Collective: Unconscious, Fine and Dandy, Kalvos and Damian, Liquid Sphere Studios Living Music Foundation, Malted Media and the Remarkable Theater Brigade

No arts organization survives on it merits and profits alone. We have several supporters who have funded our cause and we would like to thank them for their generous gifts of support:

Jane Brockman, Noah Creshevsky, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Elaine Fine, Helen Ging, Monica Harte, Michael Hoffman, Mary Jane Leach, Christian McLeer, Terry Winter Owens, Marco Oppedisano, Alex Shapiro, Mary Voisey, and Robert Voisey.

Vox Novus would also like to thank the following for their financial support:
Birmingham Art Music Alliance
The Living Music Foundation
Malted Media
Meet the Composer
Puffin Foundation
the Edwards Foundation for the Arts

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