60x60 project
"...It's like channel surfing through experimental music -and its all over in an hour or less."
- Geeta Dayal, Village Voice March 16-22, 2005 Vol. L NO. 11
60x60 Radio
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Each year the project has a Radio Request Extravaganza; this is a live all request radio show featuring the works of that yearís submissions to 60x60. Composers and their fans are encouraged to request the works that have been submitted. The goal is to promote as many works as possible without them being subject to a selection process. The Radio Request Extravaganzas has promoted and played over 750 works from more than 500 composers hosted by new music radio shows including: Afternoon New Music, WKCR; Foldover, WOBC; Kalvos and Damianís New Music Bazaar, WGDR; Martian Gardens, WMUA; and The Sculpted Word, WBAR.

The 60x60 project has also released 3 albums. The most recent is a double CD set representing the 120 submissions for 2006 and 2007 on the Vox Novus label. The second is another double album featuring the works from 2004 and 2005. The last is a release on Capstone Records representing the 2003 project year. The albums has been receiving airplay on radio stations all around the world including: art@radio, WMBC, Difficult Listening, RTR FM Perth Australia; Foldover, WOBC; Kalvos and Damianís New Music Bazaar, WGDR; The Latest Score, WOMR; Martian Gardens, WMUA; rtqe, WORT; Theme and Variations, YPR; The Sculpted Word, WBAR; and Soundcheck, WNYC. Soundcheck has archived the show with John Schaeffer and Frank Oteri speaking about short durational pieces and the 60x60 project. The CDs are available at iTunes, CDbaby, Amazon, EMF, Capstone Records, and Vox Novus.